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WTI Technology is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in the pipeline inspection and evaluation services, we have already became one of the leading Chinese suppliers which providing solutions and integrated services for the whole process from the manufacturing,welding installation to ILI(in line inspection)about OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods), oilfield equipment, and oil refining and chemical devices.

WTI as the exclusive licensee and strategic partner of Evisive in Mainland China, have full right and Capability to support Non-Metallic Material Inspection service with Evisive Microwave Inspection technology for our clients.WTI is authorized by Southwest Reseach Institute(SwRI) to promote their technology in the territory and at same time, we are also the agent of German Rosen Group (ROSEN) to represent them  offter ILI service in several western oilfieds in China.

The services mainly target towards the Petroleum, refining and petrochemical,metallurgical tubulation & pipe manufacturingand urban gas industry. Major business is to provide the followings service for theOCTG, long-distance pipeline, oil field equipment, refining equipment:

Non-destructive testing;

In-service Inspection and evaluation;

Manufacture Supervision and quality inspection

Our companywas established in 2002,the company's headquarter is located in Zhongguancun Science Park, Beijing, which  .......

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